Is San Francisco Stealing Homeless People’s Stuff
Addrienne Blaine, AJ+
Coverage of project and what we’ve exposed, including personal stories, sweeps, the whistleblower interview, the policies SFPD & DPW are breaking, and even the question of how one would seek justice if its they city stealing everything they own. DPW response: No comment.

Media Coverage

SF seizes homeless people’s property — and they rarely get it back
Stunning new videos document how the cops and DPW are failing to follow even their own rules as tents, medicine, and personal belongings wind up in the trash.
By Tim Redmond, 48 Hills
June 6, 2019

Lost, Stolen, Sold: S.F. Violates Homeless Property Policy
People’s bags seized during encampment sweeps have been thrown out or gone missing, resulting in the permanent loss of medication, family heirlooms, and shelter.
Nuala Sawyer
June 6th, 2019

Advocates Launch Video Project On Homeless Sweeps, Make Claims Of Theft
Bay City News Service
June 6, 2019

Press Release

Stolen Belonging Project Exposes SF’s Crimes Against Homeless Residents
City workers are trashing, stealing and even selling items confiscated in sweeps for profit.
June 6, 2019