Visit Coalition on Homelessness Resource Page to learn more about the history, causes and solutions to homelessness.

Download Coalition on Homelessness’ Know-Your-Rights Pamplet

Check out this Fact Sheet by COH

Here are 10 Things to Do When you See Unsheltered Residents

Legal Clinics for Citation Defense

Printable charts from Free Print Shop to help find free food, shelter, and medical aid in San Francisco

Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) - visit their page for organizing tools, research and more resources! By bringing together some of the fiercest organizations fighting homelessness on the West Coast, WRAP has developed a unique structure that combines street outreach, movement building, and national policy work, helping us bridge the local-national divisions that have hampered homeless advocacy for the last three decades.


Stop Evictions! Stop the criminalization of homelessness, which is driving people further into poverty. Prioritize funding housing and services for those who need it most, like PropC/Our City Our Home.


Poor Magazine’s Homefulness Project - A poor and indigenous people-led solution to homelessness. Homefulness is a sweat equity, permanent co-housing, education, arts, micro-business and social change project for landless/houseless and formerly houseless families and individuals. Find out more HERE!

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