Episode 2: City as thief

[Video release in tandem with our interview of a former DPW worker, detailing SF’s crimes against homeless residents. Audio, transcript and details HERE!]

Episode 2: City As Thief - Witness SFPD and DPW violating a homeless resident’s rights during a sweep, a former DPW worker disclosing that they trash, steal, keep and sometimes even sell items they confiscate, and our efforts to help retrieve another resident’s belongings at the DPW Operations Yard where they’re required to bag, tag and store personal belongings for 90 days. Unhoused residents have a right to their belongings, to dignity, to decent housing, and to belong in San Francisco!

We’re releasing this video in conjunction with our full interview with a former DPW Worker. He discloses that city workers are trashing, selling or keeping belongings confiscated in the sweeps and that they aren’t trained on proper regulations and procedures. Check out the audio, the transcript and DPW ‘Bag and Tag” forms we obtained via public records requests HERE.

Also, watch Episode 1: Recognize Our Humanity if you haven’t already.

This project is a collaboration between Coalition on Homelessness and Artist/Organizer Leslie Dreyer, working with Couper Orona, TJ Johnston, Meghan Johnson (aka Roadkill), Sophia Thibodeaux, Patricia Alonzo and Charles Davis - some the fiercest homeless advocates in San Francisco. Follow the links for more info about the project and our amazing team!